Pio asks to summon AMLO to testify for videos

CDMX.- In the case of the videos in which it was filmed receiving money in cash from the hands of David León, Pío López Obrador will request next week to the Special Prosecutor for Electoral Crimes (FEDE) summon to testify his brother the President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

This was announced by his lawyer, Pablo Hernández Romo, who explained that it was his client who asked him to require the prosecution the testimony of the Chief Executivebecause he has already publicly stated that knows the matter of money transfers.

“What Pío said had already been said by the President of Mexico in the ‘morning’ of August 21, 2020; he said in that ‘morning’ that if he was called he would go to testify and he also said that he knew all the facts, that he knew everything about that fact,” recalled the litigant in an interview.

“Then, before that, Pio says that ‘if you want to investigate all that, call my brother’then he asks me to please submit a document requesting that his brother be called to testify, as his brother had already said he would do,” he said.

The president’s brother has litigated in recent months for federal justice to force the Prosecutor’s Office to determine whether or not there are elements to proceed criminally against him for an election offence.

On July 22, after winning an injunction for these purposes, the FEDE informed the federal judge Julio Veredin Sena Velazquez that he was going to continue with the investigation, estimating that they have arisen new items.

According to official letters notified to Pío and Judge Sena on August 2 and 4, the Prosecutor’s Office reported that those elements that it had to collect were an interview published by a media outlet on July 19 in which Pío said that the money that David León gave him was for minor expenses of the “movement” headed by today’s president.

Based on the foregoing, the FEDE told the judge that it will ask the Cyber ​​Police to locate the interview; then, it will require audio and video experts to transcribe its content; and immediately afterwards he will summon Pio to testify, so that he can elaborate on these manifestations.

Another of the investigative acts of the Prosecutor’s Office will be to request the Institute of Elections and Citizen Participation of Chiapas to report if it has any antecedents or sanctioning procedure regarding the delivery of money to Pío.

Lawyer Pablo Hernández Romo revealed that since October 8, 2020, when Pío gave his statement in writing to the Federal Public Ministry, the FEDE never summoned him for questioning. In that writing he did not give any explanation of the facts.

That is why he questions that he now wants to do it to lengthen the investigation, since he had almost two years to carry out all these diligences that, in its opinion, they do not constitute new elements of investigation, as reported by the Prosecutor’s Office.

“That Pio be called to see if he can make a statement about what he said? Look, they had a year and a half to call Pio and ask him whatever they wanted; especially if Pio told them ‘I am at your service for whatever that they want and I want to help so that the whole truth is known.’ In other words, for a year and a half, almost two years ago, they could have done it, “criticized the litigant.

He never came to answer an interrogation?

“Never, never, do I tell you that they haven’t done anything! Pío has always been willing to do anything but it’s very easy, as Pío says, after almost two years of doing nothing, when the amparo judge is already pressing to see What is happening, they mysteriously say that they have already discovered new facts. That is more false than a coin of 23 pesos, man! There is nothing! “exclaimed the defender.

“If they want to request information from the Chiapas agency, why haven’t they done it for a year and a half? Why haven’t they practiced other things for a year and a half? Because there’s nothing, man, there’s nothing. But if they want to arrive according to them at the bottom of the facts -how good they do it, because that is established by the Constitution-, what Pio said was said by his brother on August 21, 2020 and they can see it because it is a public and notorious fact”.

What is the version that your client has maintained before the Public Ministry in his written statement, in relation to the origin and destination of the resources?

“Pío did not say anything, absolutely nothing in that statement, because after he spoke to me I told him ‘look, there is absolutely no need to talk about this because this is a waste of time, all this is illegal.’ The recording was illegal. and the dissemination of the video was illegal, so anything that is obtained as a result of that, everything will be a product of that, is illegal.

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“Why? Well, because the Constitution establishes it that way and the Supreme Court of Justice establishes it by jurisprudence. So, what they are doing is looping the loop. It is a waste of time, that is what they are doing, wasting time. They better get to work.”

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