Parque las Riberas, in Culiacán, with little influx of visitors

Sinaloa.- Despite the fact that difficult times are still going through the covid-19 pandemic, and the risks due to crescent of the Humaya river, Due to recent storms, it is not an impediment for families to visit the the Riberas park, in Culiacán, although they are minus the visitors that are observed.

From an early hour, citizens come to this recreational space where they enjoy nature, games, bike and boat rides, in addition to walking their pets, exercising and enjoying delicious snacks.

However, when taking a tour of the Parque Las Riberas, little influx of citizens was observed and some of the establishments remained closed.

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Among the factors why many citizens prefer not to go to this place is because of the high temperatures that are being felt in the city, as well as because in the past days it was flooded, but it has already been cleaned.

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