Paramedics from the Culiacán Red Cross spend Father’s Day away from their children for serving citizens

Sinaloa.- The lifeguards and emergency services have something in common: the passion you feel for their work and the enormous effort they make every day so that no person, victim or injured is left abandoned in the Culiacán Emergency System.

Thanks to the parents in this system that takes care of us, they are heroes without wearing a cape because they set the example every day of how to be a good human being; To all those paramedics who are physically and emotionally present at all times, we appreciate your support.

This Sunday is the Father’s daywhich they celebrate thousands of men with their families and Red Cross paramedics continue to work proud of their social work to society. They are parents who quickly jump into action to the rescue of those who request them, they enter the scenes of an accident regardless of the time of day and above all they value life. They apply their knowledge in first aid, Heimlich maneuvers, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), accompanied by that human feeling, which they wish to transmit to their children.

Today on Father’s Day, we want to congratulate all those paramedics, firefighters and police officers who continue their work with discipline, honesty, courage and loyalty regardless of the weather or the time. To all those parents called ‘Heroes Without Capes’ are the ones who make up the Emergency System in Culiacán.

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They are parents who with their work have allowed everything to continue to function normally and so we can continue our work in exceptional times. On this day of heroes without superpowers, called paramedics who save lives and are working, congratulations.

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