Paola Rojas models the best national look, an elegant green suede palazo

Mexico.- Very smiling and proud, she showed herself to the driver Paola Rojas after the morning broadcast of his program, at which time he surprised everyone with an elegant outfit composed of a green suede palazo and closed heels.

This garment, which marked her figure and showed her confident and sophisticated, as usual, became one of the best national outfits on television, as it fit her wonderfully and she knew how to wear it with great pride and respect.

The suede palazo that the host used for the program had a belt that managed to mark her figure and was somewhat short, enough to also give prominence to her shoes, a low and ideal choice to be in charge of the project and that she shared through her account from Instagram.

This outfit was styled by a multi-tiered necklace in silver with black accents, while for makeup and hairstyle, she chose something simple, but the best option to look beautiful without having to dress up so much.

Paola Rojas models the best national look, an elegant green suede palazo

Paola Rojas was grateful to her followers for accompanying her during the recent broadcast of her program and the comments did not wait. “Always elegant and with a great bearing”, “That spectacular clothes”, “How beautiful and elegant”, were some of the comments.

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It is common that Paola Rojas surprise everyone by using the best outfits, always looking for the best options in trend, but in an elegant way because this has been her style over the years, which is why she is always filled with praise and good comments.


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