PAN-Vox, a strategy, not a mistake: Intermarium Model in Mexico 2024

After the right-wing failure of the PAN in the Presidency in the lukewarm conservative six-year terms of Vicente Fox Quesada and Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, the PAN is weaving a front with Coparmex, the anti-state businessmen of Claudio X. González and their functional citizen organizations and now with the far-right Spanish party Vox by 2024.

In this context, the Vox visit organized by the far-right wing of the PAN was a strategic movement of the radical PAN bloc with messages to the rest of the PAN and especially to the neoliberal salinista-PAN PRI and the neoliberalized PRD in frank dialogue – according to a book by Jesús Ortega Martínez– with liberalism.

In this political game, the strategic movements of President López Obrador should also be read: the Mexican embassy in Spain from Vox to the PRI governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel and some federal position to the Nayaritian PAN governor Armendariz, who arrived as a candidate of the PAN, PRD, PT and a local socialist party.

Spain’s diplomatic decision plays out on many fields: the PRI has always been the party idealized by the non-Marxist Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party and an ally of the United We Can Party, both with a marked progressive populist tendency. Although it should not be read as an automatic movement, the fact that Vox has landed in the Mexican PAN as the ideological axis for the opposition-business-rightist alliance of 2024 is part of the context. The Spanish government would deal with a PRI ambassador – – if the PRI endorses it and Madrid gives its approval a posteriori – as a representative of the uncomfortable government of López Obrador.

The extreme right of the PAN with Vox comes from a historical strategic line known as Intermarium, an international anti-communist project ( linked to the right of the Catholic Church and born in post-communist Poland to eradicate the Soviet remnants.

The PAN ( was born with the support and influence of Plutarco Elías Calles, already crushed by President Lázaro Cárdenas and his project of utopian socialism of a monopoly state.

After the assault on the PAN by the northern business groups of José Ángel Conchello (1972-1975, against Echeverría), Manuel J. Clouthier (1982-1988, against the expropriation of the bank) and Luis H. Álvarez (1987-1993, with the alliance with the anti-state Salinista neoliberalism), the right wing of the PAN was disappointed with the PRI of Fox and Calderón and the PAN as the revolving door for the return of the PRI to the Presidency in 2012.

Today the PAN appears as the articulating body of the right-wing groups that have swarmed in the PRI political regime of revolutionary nationalism: El Yunque, the WALL of Diego Fernández de Cevallos, the Tecos de Guadalajara, the Mexican Catholic Association of the church in Los sixties as a pivot against the effect on Mexico of the Cuban Revolution (the novel Redil de Ovejas by Vicente Leñero portrays that time), the Association of Parents today in the PRI-PAN-PRD-Coparmex Alliance, the remnants of the nonexistent Democratic Party Mexican as a synarchist refuge, the old Nazi formations asleep in the folds of the PAN and the American foundations financing the Mexican right.

The conservative Catholic Church made an attempt to articulate the alliance with the PAN in 1984 with PAN businessmen and the pivot of the Reaganian ambassador John Gavin, but the religious reform of Salinas in its neoliberal market model deactivated the right-wing figures in Puebla. , DF and Guadalajara and the ecumenism of Salinas Ernesto Corripio Ahumada deflated the ideological struggle, even without attacking the use of condoms and now only lukewarmly fighting against the decriminalization of abortion.

In this context, the presence of Vox in the PAN was not a political error or a bad decision by some fifth-level PAN player. In fact, it has already defined the strategic line of the PAN for 2024 and the Salinista PRI and the neoliberalized PRD will have no other way but to accept it because it is part of the polarizing approach of President López Obrador.


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