PAN and Morena propose unemployment insurance in Mexico; they fight for authorship

Mexico.- This Monday, September 13, the parliamentary group of the National Action Party (PAN) in the Chamber of Deputies accused the party Brunette of wanting to take over the initiative that the blue and white bench presented to create unemployment insurance.

At a press conference, the coordinator of the PAN faction, Jorge RomeroHe pointed out that, 5 days after his party presented the creation of unemployment insurance as “its first initiative,” the first initiative that the National Regeneration Movement raises is precisely the same as they previously proposed.

It is worth mentioning that Morena’s unemployment insurance proposal, headed by deputy César Agustín Hernández Pérez, was published last September 7th, while that of the PAN was uploaded to the parliamentary gazette just this Monday.

Morena’s project proposes to reform the article 123 of the Mexican Constitution in order to be able to elevate to constitutional rank the right to unemployment insurance, which “would be provided by the State in favor of people who have lost their jobs, and should be sufficient to live a life of well-being, for the time and form determined by the law of the matter “.

Said insurance, determines the opinion, “must be governed under the principles of universality, social justice and non-discrimination”, although the amounts are not defined, as well as the origin of the resources to finance the project.

For its part, the PAN proposal, promoted by Deputy María Teresa Jiménez, contemplates change article 4 of the constitution in order, in this way, to establish that “the State will guarantee unemployment insurance to each economically active worker over 18 years of age who works in the formal market.”

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Indicates that support will need 11 thousand 4906 million pesos to integrate unemployment insurance, an amount that would be taken from the budget designated for the construction of the Maya Trend, the International Airport “Felipe Angeles” and the Dos Bocas Refinery.


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