Pablo Montero explodes against Celia Lora and calls her a coward in her face

Celia lora 37-year-old had a strong fight with Pablo Montero 47 and is that he got fed up with the attitude of the beautiful model in La Casa de Los Famosos.

It all started because Alicia Machado confessed to Pablo Montero that she was upset with Celia Lora and her way of attacking people from behind.

In social networks a video circulates where Pablo Montero asks Celia Lora for respect not only for him, but for the people who are on the reality show.

As expected, things intensified when Celia Lora told Pablo Montero not to give it to him as a saint, as it reminded him of a confession he made when he arrived at La Casa de Los Famosos.

According to Celia Lora, the Mexican singer allegedly told her that he wants to sleep with her, but Pablo Montero immediately told him not to be lying, because that did not happen.

After the strong fight which lasted more than ten minutes, both made it clear that they cannot stand each other, although Celia Lora told the actor that she never imagined that he would say so many things to her, since she considered him her friend.

It is worth mentioning that Celia Lora already faced Alicia Machado in the past and AnahĂ­ with the latter had a strong fight within the reality show, so Alicia Machado was upset by the way he treated her.


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