Outrageous! More than 1,400 dolphins were killed in the middle of a traditional hunt in the Faroe Islands

Denmark.- 1,428 dolphins were killed this Sunday night in the Faroe Islands in Denmark as a result of a centuries-old traditional hunt called Grindadrap, which dates back to the 9th century.

The images of the slaughter they show a red path in the sea, right next to more than a thousand dolphins crowded on the beach after being slaughtered by the inhabitants who participated.

This traditional hunt is carried out annually, which consists of chasing the dolphins for hours until they are stranded on the beach and then they are slaughtered by the fishermen; Although dolphin meat is not very popular on the Danish islands and may be contaminated, it is distributed among the participants and the rest with the locals, which this year could even be thrown away or buried by large dimensions.

This practice is legal on the island despite the fact that many environmentalists and previous participants have denounced and criticized the hunt, mainly because this year the number of dolphins killed has been too high compared to other years, where the average is 600 mammals. marine every year, although in 2020 it decreased to 35 and in 2019 to ten.

The international marine conservation organization “Sea Shepard” reported that a community of Atlantic white dolphins was driven for many hours and about 45 km in boats and jet skis, in the shallow area of ​​Skálabotnur beach, where they were all killed. .

“This unique hunt of 1,428 dolphins, is close to the Japanese government quota for the killing / capture of dolphins for six months in Japan’s ‘Inlet’ of Taiji, and significantly exceeds the death toll in the final years of the Season. of Taiji slaughter “ Sea Shepard explained to gauge the size of the situation.

It was detailed that the number of murders of marine animals rose to 2,43 so far in 2021, this adding to the 615 long-finned pilot whales that had already been killed on the islands.

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“Considering the times we are in, with a global pandemic and the world at a standstill, it is absolutely appalling to see an attack on nature of this scale in the Faroe Islands.”said Capt Alex Cornelissen, Executive Director of Sea Shepherd Global. “If we have learned anything from this pandemic, it is that we have to live in harmony with nature instead of ending it”.


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