On the Irapuato-Querétaro highway, armed men pull down a truck driver and take him away

Irapuato, Guanajuato.- This afternoon videos began to circulate on social networks where the moment in which the Irapuato-Queretaro highway, where armed people block the way to a trailer and violently lower the driver and co-driver. The security cameras inside the unit detected the entire criminal modus operandi.

When the armed subjects forced the driver and his companion to get off, they took the unit to flee along the Querétaro-Irapuato highway.. In the video that has already gone viral on social networks, you can see how in less than a minute the robbery of the heavy unit was carried out and all in broad daylight.

The clip showed how two trucks initially blocked the path of the trailer, then four armed men from the truck got down to force the driver and passenger to get off the heavy unit. Two men are then seen raising their hands and handing over the trailer without putting up any resistance.

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It is also observed that an assailant breaks a glass of the trailer, what cannot be seen is if it was with a firearm or something else, so far authorities have not reported more information about this fact.

They assault trailer in the Irapuato-Querétaro

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