On notice there was no deception

The delegation of Roads and Transport North Zone did not beat around the bush. It has already applied sanctions to both urban and foreign truck drivers for not respecting the anti-Covid-19 rules, and it was because they did not bring face masks, but also because they exceeded the limit of users allowed in the unit, which should not be more than 50 per hundred.

It is necessary for the whole of society to comply with the rules of the new normal because otherwise Ahome will not be able to flatten the curve or leave the not honorable first place in active cases, like yesterday, which registered 246 patients with the virus active in their body.

Likewise, he led in new cases with 26 only yesterday, in deaths Ahome also led with five new registered, and globally from the day the first case appeared, it is second in deaths, only below Culiacán, because while it had 3,120 as of yesterday, the former sugarcane municipality presented a total figure of 1,418.

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It is understood the moment through which the means of transport go through, it is one of the sectors hardest hit by the covid-19 pandemic, but even for that reason it is that they must follow to the letter the anti-Covid-19 rules established so that once this virus is controlled, the bells can be thrown on the fly and the capacity of truck users can become a little more flexible, and then yes, better times will come.


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