Omar Ulises is still in prison “for not blaming himself”: mother of the young man shot by the military in Sonora

Sinaloa.- The family of Omar Ulises Arcos Moreno rejected the proposal that the 23-year-old Sinaloan, who was traveling in search of the American dream and who was shot by military In the desert of Sonoyta, Sonora, accept an abbreviated criminal trial for the crimes of possession of a firearm for the exclusive use of the army, chargers and shot cartridges. The decision is to continue and “not blame oneself for something that he did not do,” said Mrs. Isabel Moreno, the chef’s mother and accounting student who is confined in the Cefereso of Hermosillo Sonora.

The mother of Omar Ulises has been firm in her fight and her sit-in remains outside the National Palace in the Mexico City, that this time her daughter stayed in the tent and she had to travel to Hermosillo to see the physical conditions, where your child is, who is complaining of alleged psychological torture, being locked in a 4×4 meter cell, alone and with a bulb on 24 hours a day, who asks for the help of a psychologist.

For this reason, in that city she met with representatives of the Ministry of the Interior and the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic, who the latter official proposed to her and her son that they accept the abbreviated procedure and that in 15 days she would be released from the prison. , a request that was definitely not valued.

“The two of us, my son and I, talked about it, and he told me, mother, I’m not going to blame myself for something I didn’t do, even if it lasts as long as it lasts, because he won’t answer for something he didn’t do and asks me to take out the Traces of the weapon that they say he had, ”said Isabel Moreno.

The insistent request that he accept the abbreviated procedure, said that he seeks not to blame the military for the events, which occurred when the elements of the Sedena were chasing a truck with criminals, which unfortunately crossed with the vehicle where More than 20 people were traveling and he, at the height of a community known as La Nariz in the Sonoyta desert, where Omar Ulises was seriously injured and finally arrested.

Regarding the indirect amparo filed by the young man from Sinaloa for not being involved in the process and that there is no evidence against him, the hearing was on August 13 and to date there is no notification for his son in the prison.

The Arcos Moreno family insists that the truth be clarified and they reject that their son takes the blame for something he did not do, because it is not fair that a young man who is studying has a criminal record, because he was in the wrong place when he appeared the confrontation with criminals in the desert.

My daughter is in the sit-in and is supported by other groups that accompany them in the Zócalo, but the request made to the president is insisted upon Andrés Manuel López Obrador for your son to be released and proven innocent.

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He mentioned that there is a WhatsApp group of officials on his son’s case to follow up on the progress, in which results are being requested from the Presidency, but they are not doing things well, and he is still in prison.

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