OI cycle in the Évora Region tends to be 50 and 50 in medium and low demand

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.- Yesterday, September 13, in the course of the morning, a meeting was held by the Irrigation Module Council 74-2 Guamúchil to discuss the planting plan for the Autumn-Winter cycle.

Despite having been in session for a few hours, it was not possible to define the percentage that will be handled in this planting cycle because the dam’s water catchment is not yet final and its volume of water is expected to continue to increase.

Adolfo Llanes López, manager of Module 74-2, stressed that they still do not have the exact amount of water that the dam captured, so on the 20th of the current month they will give them the volume of water and from there they will leave to determine the plan sowing.

He announced that just a few days ago they received a preliminary that detailed the volume of the dam, which was very low, but later had an increase of 8 percent, which changes all the plans that were had in the module.

“A few days ago they sent us a preliminary specifying that the volume was very low, but the dam has already increased by 8 percent,” he quoted.

He said that at the moment there is nothing concrete but that a panorama of 50 percent is seen, however, it is not at all certain. It should be noted that this data was mentioned by the council.

The manager of the Module explained that if the dam were to obtain a volume of 40 percent, it would be certain that there would be 50 percent in terms of low and medium demand and 50 percent in high demand.

Llanes López, highlighted that at the moment the dam has a 37 percent water catchment due to recent rains, but it is expected to reach 40 percent so that they can obtain a more encouraging planting.

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He explained that in half demand there is corn, wheat, sorghum and in half demand it is beans and chickpeas, but everything is tentative and the numbers will not be known with certainty until the final date arrives.

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