I will not lie if I say that Capronio was a son of his mother. Out of respect for families, basic pillars of our society, I do not put between “son of his” and “mother” the sonorous word that fits with the intention of the phrase and with the way of being of the aforementioned character. I’m sure, however, that my four insightful readers have already guessed. Generally I am reluctant to narrate Capronio’s actions, since the subject can not only be described as mean and foolish, but also has a bad heart and is full of dark intentions. Those who know him shun his treatment and walk away from him like a scorpion. As a warning to warn the reading public of his protervia I will relate one of his countless evils, the most of which cannot be counted because they tend to hurt the feelings of those who listen to them, since Capronio is misanthrope, and above all misogynistic, and that class of individuals should not be talked about. If I cite it, it is only as a useful and necessary warning so that no member of society, especially some inexperienced young woman, is going to fall into their evil networks. One day he told Susiflor, a pretty girl, that he was going to tell her a story. She remembered with nostalgia what her parents read to her before going to sleep, so she naively prepared to listen carefully to the story. Capronio began: “This was a white bunny who found out that the Blue Fairy had come to live in the forest. He wanted to meet her, and she asked the gray rabbit: ‘Do you know where the Blue Fairy lives?’ replied the gray rabbit. mockingly and said to the white bunny: “I cheated on you. I don’t know where the Blue Fairy lives. I lied to fulfill my wish to yogar with you.” Disillusioned and sad, the white bunny then went with the brown rabbit. Where does the Blue Fairy live? “” I know well, “said the brown rabbit.” But the information is going to cost you. “The white bunny yearned to meet the Blue Fairy so much that she agreed to the brown rabbit’s lewd request. satisfied her libido, she gave a raucous laugh and said to the white bunny: ‘I don’t even know who Fairy Az ul, even less will I know where he lives. I tricked you in order to possess you. ‘ Full of regret, disappointed, was the white bunny. However, his anxiety to meet the Blue Fairy was so alive that despite that second deception was with the black rabbit and asked him if he knew where the Blue Fairy lived. ‘Of course I know,’ replied the black rabbit. She is my neighbor. But the data is going to cost you. ‘ Again the white bunny had to submit to the clumsy rule of the black rabbit. He repeatedly satisfied his lust, and once that was done he let out a hurtful laugh and said to the white bunny: ‘How could you believe me? I didn’t even know about the existence of that Blue Fairy. But you were mine, and that’s what mattered to me. ‘ Thus, the poor bunny did not see her desire to meet the Blue Fairy fulfilled “, Capronio finished his story and immediately told Susiflor:” A few weeks after what I have told you happened, the white bunny gave birth to nine lovely bunnies. He had been with a gray rabbit, a brown rabbit, and a black one. And yet all the bunnies came out the same color. Do you know what color they came out of? “” No, “replied the pretty Susiflor.” I do know, “the vile Capronio assured him. But the data is going to cost you. “END.



“The monument to Columbus has an uncertain destination.”

If the statue of Columbus

difficulty represents,

rip it like the plane

or announce that it is for sale.



Stories of the creation of the world.

At the beginning of time everything was gray.

The sky was gray.

Gray was the sea.

The forests were gray, just like the deserts.

The Sun was gray, and so were the Moon and the stars.

Not only that: the man was gray.

Furthermore, God himself was equally gray.

But the woman came into the world.

And then all things were painted in colors.

The sky was painted azure blue.

The sea was painted navy blue.

The forest turned green; the Sun took the color of gold; the Moon and the stars were white.

Let’s be careful.

If ever the woman were no longer with us, all beings and things would be gray again. Even the man. Even God.

Until tomorrow!…

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