Babalucas had a sister, Bobilia, with few understanding like him, and also completely ignorant of the things of life, but of attractive physical garments, owner of the inheritance that her parents left her, and therefore rich in money. We already know that money does not buy happiness, but it serves to achieve moments that are very similar to it. Thus, beautiful and with large assets, Bobilia soon found a husband in the person of a man named Pilingo, who used not very legal means to get the girl to agree to marry him. The marriage was short-lived. This Pilingo turned out to be a bad provider, because he didn’t provide anything, he was more than a drunkard and lazy, and he liked skirts. Work of God who did not meet a Scotsman, because he would have gotten into trouble because of the quarrelsome nature of those of that old nationality. Don’t get the bagpipes because the rally is going on. So bad a husband was the multi-party Pilingo that Bobilia decided to divorce him, and presented the corresponding lawsuit before the family judge. He asked her: “Why do you want to divorce your husband?” The candid wife replied: “Because he tricked me into marrying him.” The judge wanted to know: “In what way did he deceive her?” “Bobilia explained:” He told me I was pregnant, and it was not true. “I do not like some protocols. They tend to be very protocol. I recognize, however, that sometimes they are indispensable. Take my four readers as an example the case of the Scream that On the night of September 15 it occurs in all the towns of our country, from the capital of the Republic to the most remote place whose name does not even appear on the maps. Before that Grito was subject to a solemn formula of which not even the President of the Republic would withdraw. Then things began to change, and now each person – worth saying each so and so – hits the Scream as they please, adding infinite variations to the theme depending on their ideology or their That of shouting: “Long live love of neighbor!” borders on the laughable, because in addition to mixing the moral with the official it has a certain religious smell and a good dose of kitsch. -Yes e says in the Potrero to avoid the use of the harsh adjective “lambiscón” – that to the names of Hidalgo, Morelos, Allende, the Corregidora and other heroes that Patria gave us, he added that of López Obrador, which was the cause of protests and boos . I therefore propose that Congress draw up an article of law with constitutional rank in which the solemn formula to which all those who give the Cry must be subject be established once and for all. Otherwise after a while there will be someone who shouts cheers to Lenin or Saint Culandro Martyr, the patron of the people, depending on their political orientation or their faith. Let’s define not to argue. The ship was wrecked, and two sailors reached a desert island. They had already been bored there for several months, especially on Sunday afternoons. In order to pass the time they invented a game: one of them would describe a character and the other would have to guess who it was. The first described a fashionable film actress: “I am tall and slender, with a dark complexion, green eyes and long brown hair. My lips are sensual. I have a gazelle neck; erect bust, reed waist, prominent hips, wide thighs. and shapely legs that give me a sensual and voluptuous appearance. Who am I? “. The other answered, breathing heavily: “I don’t care who the fuck you are! Kiss me!” END.



“. Some consuls when giving the Cry cheered López Obrador.”

They are out of place.

Let’s start from this assumption:

budget honeys

they tell them how to scream.



Variations opus 33 on the theme of Don Juan.

The afternoon falls on Seville. In the twilight, the waters of the Guadalquivir seem like the leaves of a golden tree that would have fallen into the river in order to discover the sea.

Four women go along the Paseo de la Vega. None of them are young anymore, but all four show traces of their former beauty.

One is Dona Sol.

Another is Dona Elvira.

The third is Dona Laura.

And the last one is Doña Inés.

They pass by the palace of Don Juan and look at him through his window sitting in a friar chair and with difficulty reading a book with his tired old man’s eyes.

They smile at four. Doña Elvira says:

“And to think that he thinks it was he who seduced us!”

Until tomorrow!…

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