Oaxaca requests a declaration of emergency due to floods that damaged roads

Oaxaca.- After the passage of tropical storm number 29 and the cyclonic wave Nicholas, in the state of Oaxaca there are 60 highway points that were affected of various kinds as a result of landslides and landslides caused by heavy rains.

The federal entity’s Roads and Airways (CAO) unit has deployed brigades, as well as heavy machinery to the affected sections in order to remove the debris that in some points hinders vehicular mobility.

The director of CAO, David Mayren Carrasco, announced that the governor of Oaxaca, Alejandro Murat, has already made the request for an emergency declaration for the damage caused by the natural phenomena that hit the state in recent days.

He informed that the technical staff is making a recount of the effects that will be added to the declaration of emergency and disaster, which will be presented to the federal government, making it possible for public resources to be allocated to rebuild the damaged road sections.

He noted that the president’s administration Andrés Manuel López Obrador informed Murat Hinojosa that he will authorize funds from the general bouquet 23.

For his part, the state official specified that, with the support of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) are already carrying out the work to be able to attend the contingency caused by the meteors.

“In the partial count we can establish that there is 60 roads totally damaged and 45 partially damaged“, he detailed.

Mayren Carrasco explained that the most aggrieved points are in the Costa area, the Sierra Sur, the Sierra Norte, the Cuenca, as well as in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, the Sierra Mazateca and Cuicateca.

He said there are care staff in the 18 municipalities that resulted with some affectation, among which are, Santa María del Mar, Juchitán de Zaragoza, San Francisco Ixhuatán and Unión Hidalgo.

He pointed out that the amount of water caused by the intense rainfall caused the collapse of a bridge and damaged a road that had recently been built.

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Likewise, the head of CAO announced that they had to break a section of Highway 185, after the rains flooded the community and that it has been cut off, affecting around 3 thousand families.


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