Nora Alicia Arellano Chávez happily celebrates her 59 years of life

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- “These 59 years very well completed, they are happy and learning. I feel grateful for so much pampering, ”Nora Alicia Arellano Chávez mentioned very happy, who on her birthday was pampered with two special celebrations.

The first was held in a well-known restaurant in the city, where he enjoyed a rich breakfast with Fernando Ibarra and Luz Esther Laurean. In the afternoon she was surprised by her dear neighbors, Karina, Adilene, Fredy, Roxana and Dylan, who welcomed her with a small but very happy celebration in their home. One of his favorite gifts was the “happy birthday” poster that his neighbor Karina gave him with love. Congratulations, Nora!


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