No party! Prohibition will apply in Chiapas for celebrations of September 15 and 16

Chiapas.- In order to prevent contagion of Covid-19, in Chiapas the Dry Law during the National holidays of September 15 and 16, for the commemoration of the Independence Day of Mexico.

Yesterday, Monday, the Chiapas Health Safety Committee unanimously approved the suspension of the sale of alcoholic beverages in stores, self-service stores, restaurants and bars of the entity.

The Dry Law in Chiapa It will enter into force from the first minutes of Wednesday, September 15 and will end until 12:00 hours on Thursday 16.

The Health Safety Committee explained that it was decided to apply the Dry Law in Chiapas to protect the health of the population and prevent Covid-19 infections.

They invited the inhabitants to collaborate in a responsible way during the national holidays, complying with the health prevention provisions and protocols.

Likewise, they urged the municipal governments of Chiapas to comply with the restrictions of the Prohibition Law and collaborate with the health authorities.

Finally, the Committee recognized that although there is no measure that by itself prevents the spread of Covid-19, it will continue to implement the necessary actions with the aim of reducing the damage of the pandemic in the population.

The municipal authorities of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, capital of Chiapas, also decided to suspend the traditional parade and massive events for the national holidays, so the Grito de Independencia and the civic ceremony on September 16 will be held without an audience.

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Although Chiapas has remained on a green epidemiological traffic light since November last year, this will be the second consecutive year that it suspends its massive events for the national holidays.

Thus the stabilization work in Cerro del Chiquihuite, Tlalnepantla


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