Niurka Marcos USA to Juan Vidal, assures Javier Ceriani

Mexico. The entertainment journalist Javier Ceriani makes public that Niurka Marcos uses Juan Vidal to have the media on top of her and thus continue to attract attention and achieve success.

“He is ruining Juan, he is using him as a puppet for his benefit,” says Ceriani on his show Gossip No Like. The journalist, Niurka and Juan participated in The house of the famous, Telemundo’s reality show.

In addition, Javier Ceriani believes that Niurka Marcos is in decline as an actress and dancer, and that the title of ‘scandal woman’ suits her very well, since she would only live on that.

In The House of Celebrities, Javier, Niurka and Juan Vidal initially have a good relationship, but later they had a series of conflicts that came to light.

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Ceriani called Niurka Marcos “abnormal” and “heavy”, after she accused him of betraying her as a friend by allegedly saying that she supports Juan Vidal financially.

The famous and controversial driver replied to Niurka that he could not have said that, because “she doesn’t have a weight where she falls dead”, but the truth is that he uses Vidal at his own convenience.

Niurka was also bothered that days ago Ceriana had shown some audios on her YouTube program in which she is supposedly heard calling her children “eggs” and “kept”.

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