Nikita S. Khrushchev, Prime Minister of the former Soviet Union, died


September 12, 1971

Banking encourages the renting of plots. The little concurrence of authorization credits and provisions, but above all of refactional financing towards the ejido, is what has led to the renting of plots, a secular problem that does not seem to be solved with good purposes, but with the decided participation of the banks. official. Official banks only participate with loans for agriculture where recoveries are guaranteed, but they do not help the peasant to level the plots.

Synchronization network for traffic lights. The traffic light system will have a new intermittent synchronization system service, in order to allow the expeditious transit of vehicles through the main traffic arteries. The Traffic Department will invest a quarter million pesos in the works. This method will allow uninterrupted traffic through the avenues with the highest traffic and its installation will last until the end of the month. A group of technicians is already working on the installation of the cables.

Nikita died. Moscow. Nikita S. Khrushchev, the rude peasant who came to dominate world politics as prime minister of the Soviet Union and who liberated his country from the rule of Stalinism, died at the age of 77 of a heart attack. Burly, a lover of coups and jokes, he knew how to combine his political sagacity with the acumen of the farmer to ascend to the supreme leadership of the Soviet Union five years after the death of Josef Stalin, in 1953.

He became the supreme leader of the nation, both as head of government and of the communist party, from 1958 until being deposed in 1964 for his “failures, mistakes, mistakes and absurd projects.” The last time he was seen in public was this summer, when with his wife he got to vote in a local election. His appearance was healthy, although he had lost noticeable weight.

To Brazil the Hallal García. To_enjoy a month and a half of fabulous vacations, Mr. Jorge Hallal and Gilda García de Hallal will leave on the 15th. that they will take as a joyful companion on this trip to the gentle Gloria Ofelia Yamuni. Travelers are happy to finalize all the preparations for this tour, which will take them to tour that beautiful country that is Brazil. Family and friends are organizing to offer you a meeting as a farewell and wish you all kinds of congratulations during your trip.

September 12, 1996.

Sows without restrictions. Although the global distribution of the water has not yet been defined and, therefore, the total area that will be authorized for planting in the state, officials from the CNA and Sagar, as well as Governor Renato Vega, agreed that there will be no planting restrictions. It was anticipated that it is likely that between 600 thousand and 650 thousand hectares will be planted, because at present the 11 dams that exist in the state already have a reservoir greater than 50%, which guarantees the coverage of the demand for water .

Colosio case will be clarified: Sheet. Mexico City Pablo Chapa Bezanilla, former special prosecutor for the Colosio case, expressed his certainty that the PGR will obtain positive results in the homicide investigations. However, he refused to give details about the case, arguing that his work as in charge of the clarification of the assassination has ended and his comment could hinder the course of the investigations, entrusted to another official. He expressed his confidence that there will be positive results.

Rabin’s killer convicted. Tel Aviv. The convicted assassin of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, Yigal Amir, was found guilty of conspiracy to kill the head of government and to attack Palestine. The court found his brother Hagai and a friend guilty of the same charges. Amir could be sentenced to a maximum of 29 years in prison, which is already serving a life sentence for the murder of Rabin, which occurred on November 4, following an act for peace with the Palestinians.


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