Nice detail! In Angostura they unite and make a cry to health to the rhythm of jerusalem

Angostura, Sinaloa.- If it is about helping the most needy, without a doubt in the municipality of Angostura it is a clear example of this and this morning the authorities carried out an activity entitled “A Cry to Health” where they carried out a collect.

This activity is with the firm objective of raising funds and making the purchase of oxygen tanks in order to support the neediest families that are going through the pandemic of the Covid-19.

It was reported that for those who wish to support there will be a dribble and even if it is a weight it will be well received. The municipal president Aglaeé Montoya Martínez, who with this activity can save a life. He expressed that the support they have achieved has been satisfactory, so they invite you to join.

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Taking their best steps and skills, authorities from the Angostura City Council, staff from the various areas among other people that make it up, to the rhythm of the song Jerusalema joined forces and provided a beautiful show.

Quirino on mission impossible?


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