NFL: Tom Brady says he would like to continue playing until age 50

United States.- The excellent sports career of Tom Brady speaks for itself, the top winner of Super Bowl rings has started one more season with Tampa Bay and only week 1 was played and the player has already given news that will make many happy but others sad and that is the legendary quarterback announced that he would like to continue in football until the 50 years.

It’s no secret that Brady has given his whole life to NFL But his recent statement speaks of his willingness to give her so much more. The 44-year-old athlete confirmed in a talk with his partner Rob Gronkowski that he is willing to go out to the fields for the next 6 more years until he turns 50 and officially leave the American.

“I don’t find it difficult (playing until I’m 50), plus Florida is kind of a retirement state, so I feel like I can play and then go into retirement. I think I can. I think it’s a yes,” said the player. defending the NFL title.

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After those words, he has unleashed a great surprise because his physical ability is no longer the same as before, especially in speed and resistance, but the theme of his experience and putting the balls at the right time is what has him in force and what to do. this NFL season be the player to beat for the rest of the quarterbacks.

Tom Brady assured that he could play until the 50 years without problem | Photo: Capture

Tom Brady is a registered trademark in the NFL, having him for longer will be a real offer that no one would want to reject as long as he continues to deliver good results otherwise staying longer would be counterproductive to his career closure. Today Tampa Bay is happy with his work and hopes to take them once again to the Super Bowl and of course win.

Brady is currently the most titled player in the NFL with 7 even more than any of the 32 teams that make up the league. He is also the player who has been in a Super Bowl the most times with 10 times. Everything that surrounds you is made of history.

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