NFL: The losing teams that convinced the most in week 1 of the season

United States.- There were just over 16 games in this week 1 of the National Football League (NFL), where the level and greatness of each of the franchises was perceived within the field, despite not having activity for more than half anus.

There were victories that were given from before, through analysis, as a certain number of surprises. Even teams that are not seen with the key to making an outstanding 102 season generated a high conviction after their activity on the NFL premiere date.

Several franchises have recovered important people who will help them shape a better season than last and although they did not start off with the right foot the current periodization, they made it known that their team will show greater capacity to fight for a place in the postseason. Here in Debate we tell you who were the combined that showed a worthy representation, even when the defeat is registered in their power.


Dallas faced Tampa Bay
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Those of the lone star recovered their quarterback, Dak Prescott, who missed last season with injury. Now that he returned, in the inaugural duel against the champions, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it was noticed as if nothing and was minutes away from turning off the celebration of Tom Brady and company. The scoreboard ended at 31-29 but the illusion seems to flourish among their fans.


Josh Allen demonstrated why the Bills board went back to betting on him after leading the team to an American Conference Final. Although the victory got out of hand against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Buffalo aims to repeat the feat of the previous year.

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Kirk Cousins ​​couldn’t get over Joe Borrow’s return with the Cleveland Bengals. After rallying from 21-7 to generate overtime on a final kick from Greg Joseph, the purple tide was minutes away from tying a game they didn’t deserve to lose. However, a Tigers recovery of the ball changed the game, but the Vikings noted that reacting to adverse results will be a matter to be sought for their rivals.


Baker Mayfield, for the second year in a row, investigates the variants to put the Browns back among the teams to fight for Vince Lombardi within the AFC. In their first test against the runners-up, Kansas City Chiefs, they did not appear to be a meticulous team, but one to go out to win at Arrowhead Stadium, even when things did not look in their favor within the records. The victory was not obtained although it was in advantage by 29-20, but the respect of the NFL was.


Lamar Jackson lectured on why he was named the youngest MVP in American football history. The Ravens ‘visit to the Raiders’ home almost gave him the first victory of the year, but the awakening of the “Bad Boys” changed a star night for the Florida native, so much so that he lost the ball in overtime and ultimately the duel will end in favor of the Las Vegas franchise. This first setback for Baltimore confirmed that to be worthy rivals it will take more than just a team to play against Jackson and company.

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