New York opens the world’s largest Harry Potter store

United States.- Years after having finished the saga of films of Harry Potter, the universe of J. W. Rowling It is still a sensation in the world, which is why a new store inspired by this famous saga has recently been opened with a location in Manhattan.

The store inspired by the vast universe of Harry Potter ranks as the largest in the world, with nothing more and nothing less than 1,800 meters squares spread over two floors that house all kinds of articles and experiences related to the world of the young wizard.

New York opens the world’s largest Harry Potter store

In this New York store, customers and fans of the universe of Harry Potter will have the opportunity to acquire the clothing of the magicians, their items, all for a class in Hogwarts, the magic school, as well as the books of the British writer, stuffed animals, dolls, the mythical golden snitch or the golden egg sought in the Triwizard Tournament.

That’s not all, there are also cosmetic household products such as cups, trays, plates, clothes, jewelry, suitcases, chests, stationery and even magic wands, which have a corner dedicated to choosing one of these items full of Magic.

Upon entering the store, fans of Harry Potter They will be able to feel inside a book of the famous saga, even among the corridors of the magic school and explore an impressive world full of magical and very special experiences.

1,800 square meters has the new store inspired by the universe of the Harry Potter saga, located in Manhattan and the largest in the world

Also for surprise interactive experiences, just scan the QR code of many products through mobile articles and follow the steps for a reward in the form of a prize.

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Near the store Harry Potter there is also the Flagship store, a brewery in the style of the Three Broomsticks pub in the town of Hogsmeade, where you can taste the jewel in the crown and even a good butterbeer, a classic of history, without leaving aside the sweets and more foods in history.


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