New firefighters! 40 elements of the Academy graduate in Culiacán

Sinaloa.- After 10 months of training, 40 new elements of Firefighters Culiacán who will now be at the service of the community when required for an emergency.

During a simple but emotional graduation ceremony, new elements from three academies, one of them from Costa Rica, received their recognition as members to belong to the ranks of the Honorable Fire Department, who for 10 months in Saturday classes put all their effort to learn all the techniques and the use of the tools that are required for each emergency, as well as hours of physical training so that they were in shape in any risk situation.

During this time the academies were in charge of Roberto Castañeda, Gabriel Rocha and Jesús Carrasco, the latter responsible for training applicants in the Costa Rican receivership, which is the first generation of young graduates for this noble work.

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The recognition ceremony was held in the courtyards of the Culiacán central fire station, and Commander Efraía Araujo was present, as well as other middle management personnel.

They recognize the rescuers of 5 children trapped in a truck with their family due to severe flooding in heavy rains in Ecatepec, Edomex


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