New data from Pfizer justifies use of third dose of its coronavirus vaccine: FDA

A new guideline published by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stating that tThird dose of a Pfizer vaccine is safe and it will be necessary for most Americans.

The data comes from new data released by Pfizer after requesting approval for a third booster dose against Covid-19 disease.

This request and publication of data by the FDA occurs at the critical juncture of approval of the Covid-19 vaccine booster.

This Friday, the Food and Drug Administration’s independent advisory committee (VRBPAC) will meet to review and discuss the latest data on potential booster doses from Pfizer.

The committee will vote on whether a third dose is generally safe and whether it increases the protection levels.

Pfizer’s vaccine is the first to be fully approved in the United States, the company, which in partnership with BioNTech has designed and manufactured the vaccine, said it has preliminary data suggesting that a booster dose between six and 12 months after the second dosage will help maintain a high level of protection; Pfizer asked the FDA to approve booster doses of its vaccine in late August by submitting an application and data.

Currently only Moderna and Pfizer vaccines have approval in the USA for a third booster dose that may be applied to some 7 million immunosuppressed people who did not achieve adequate levels of immune response after the application of the first two doses.

Countries advanced in immunization against Covid-19 such as the United States have proceeded to the appearance of a third dose even though the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends first covering most of the population with two doses to avoid the appearance of new variants.

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