Neighbors of Cumbres del Sur denounce that the Culiacán City Council seeks to close the park to open a street

Sinaloa.- The residents of the Cumbres del Sur subdivision in Culiacán, Sinaloa, stated that the authorities of the municipality are seeking demolish a park located on Cerro del Colli street and Bulevar Lomas de San Isidro to open a Street of access to other streets of the place.

Faced with this situation, those affected indicated that they do not agree to carry out this type of action, since those who live in the area made the purchase of their home by having a park near their homes by showing the draft the construction company of the Fractionation.

The neighborhood committee sent this disagreement to El Debate in order to seek a resolution from the authorities since from the beginning of construction they were granted permission for this park and now the families have already taken charge of its maintenance. That is why it is unfair to them that they want to demolish something they have built with the purpose of welfare for their children.

Construction park project | Photo: Courtesy

The inhabitants who have been affected by this problem indicated that they have lived in the area for around 12 years, so since 2015 they have been in the battle so that the park does not collapse.

The only green area being that of this park located in the first section of this Fractionation, the families ask that you not destroy something that they have been building with their own resources for the recreation of activities for their children; Well, the area they have to go to play and spend a pleasant afternoon.

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Likewise, those affected indicated that they have already gone to court to be able to find a solution and that children and families do not run out of the park area and turn it into a street.

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