Neighbors ask to clean a large abandoned lot in the Viñedos subdivision in Los Mochis

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- Residents of the Viñedos subdivision, in the city of Los Mochis, ask for the support of the authorities to solve a serious problem of insecurity and risk they face as a result of a great wasteland which is permanently abandoned In this sector.

And it is that the vacant lot is extremely large and during most of the year it is full of weeds.

The land is located on the south-west corner of Rosales and Poseidon boulevards in Viñedos, an area that is highly traveled and therefore constitutes a risk for families, since the undergrowth grows like jungle and is used by the vagrants to take refuge.

The best. The Viñedos subdivision is well located and has good roads, but land like these gives it a bad image. Photo: Discussion

Neighbors point out that the owners have shown that they are not interested in the conditions in which this land is found, since for most of the year they keep it abandoned and the truth is that they do nothing to clean it.

Worst. The undergrowth has already reached quite a height and the neighbors see a risk for them and their families due to the abandonment of the place. Photo: Discussion

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Mrs. Aurelia, a resident of the sector, pointed out that at no time are they against the owners of this land, since everyone is free to invest their money as they want and have land to undertake future projects, but in this case the only thing that What they ask is that they keep it clean and free of weeds, since they truly fear that it will be used by vagrants who come from other areas of the city to hide and plan misdeeds that affect the residents of this sector of the city of Los Mochis.

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