Negro Leagues World Series

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Luis F. Chávez M. from Ciudad Acuña asks: “What do the words bojote and buruza mean? That you published and in Mexico we do not know them ”.

Amigo Lucho: Many Mexican readers friends tell me they know that meaning, since they are words approved by the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language. But hey, “bojote” is equal to bulk or package; and “buruza” is a useless, worthless, insignificant thing.

Alex Manzanilla from Miami asks, “Did you vote for Bernie Williams for Cooperstown?”

Friend Al: Yes. He was one of the best centerfielders of his time, he played one hundred percent for the team; chivalrous citizen, of impeccable behavior; in eight of his 16 seasons, all with the Yankees, he hit more than 300 and 280 or more in three others; he hit 287 home runs and drove in 1,557 runs. Like David Concepcion, he deserves to be in but he is out.

Manuel Moreno, from Camurí Grande, asks: “Two active hitters have hit 500 and more home runs, Albert Pujols and Miguel Cabrera, is this the first time this has happened?”

Friend Manolo: It has happened several times, including recently there were three, Barry Bonds, Alex Rodríguez and Pujols. Also both active with 500 and more home runs, Willie Mays and Frank Róbionson. There are 28 who have sounded 500 home runs, since the first, Babe Ruth, on August 11, 1929.

Alcides Revilla, from Judibana, asks: “How many Negro League World Series were played, and in what years and results?”

Chide friend: There were 10. 1924, Kansas City Monarchs 5, Hilldale Daisies 4, one tied… 1925, Hilldade Daisies 5, Kansas City Monarchs 1… 1926, Chicago American Giants 5, Atlantic City Bacharach Giants 4 and two draws… 1927, Chicago Américan Giants 5, Atlantic City Bacharach Giants 3, a draw.

The draws occurred because there were no lights in the stadiums and, if the game was prolonged, the night would arrive.

On the other hand, there was a 15-year wait without Series. 1927 to 1942, due to problems in the organization.

1942, Kansas City Monarch 4, Homestead Grays, 0… 1943, Homestead Grays 4, Birmingham Black Barons 3… 1944, Homestead Grays 4, Birmingham Black Barons 1…1945, Cléveland Buckeyes 4, Homestead Grays 0… 1946, Newark Eagles 4, Kansas City Monarchs 3… 1947, New York Cubans 4, Cléveland Buckeyes 1.

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