NBA: How many players in the history of the league have managed to score at least 70 points in a game?

Throughout history, there have been dozens of great scorers in the NBA, players who have made their mark when it comes to scoring baskets in any way, elements that make a difference for their teams.

However, despite the fact that dozens of excellent scorers have paraded, there have only been 6 players who managed reach the figure of 70 basket points in a single match.

Before starting this list, for the youngest who can read this note, know that of the active players in the league, only one belongs to this select group that has reached 70 points, and it is neither Stephen Curry, LeBron Jamesni Luka Doncic.

Elgin Baylor-Los Angeles Lakers

We’ll start this list with the first to reach the number in question, and that was Baylor, recording 71 points for the Lakers in a 123-108 win over the New York Knicks in 1960.

Wilt Chamberlain- Philadelphia Warriors

The quintessential record man in the league, he is the only one to have scored 100 points in a game, something simply crazy, which does not seem to be able to happen again. That said, Wilt broke the 70-point barrier 6 times, all between 1961 and 1962, scoring the legendary 100-point game, another time 78, 73 2 times, 72, and 70.

David Thompson- Denver Nuggets

Another man who, although not as well known, was a great scorer, managing to score 73 points in his Nuggets’ defeat against the Detroit Pistons 137-139, in 1978.

David Robinson- San Antonio Spurs

Precisely today marks the 28th anniversary of Robinson, an emblem of the Spurs, achieving his highest score, with 71 points, in the 112-97 victory against the Los Angeles Clippers, in 1994.

Kobe Bryant – Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles legend made history with his 81 points against the Toronto Raptors in 2006, in a 122-104 victory for the Lakers. It is to date the second most points scored in a game, behind Chamberlain’s 100.

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Devin Booker- Phoenix Suns

The youngest in history to get 70 points (20 years and 145 days), with a brilliant performance against the Boston Celtics, where sadly for him and his team, they were defeated in 2017 120-130.

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