NBA: Frank Vogel, Lakers coach, confirms LeBron’s presence today against Rockets

Los Angeles Lakers will play their second consecutive game in the state of Texas, since after losing against the San Antonio Spurs, today they face the Houston Rocketson the return of LeBron James to the courts of the NBA.

James missed the game against the Spurs due to a sore knee, but this afternoon, Spectrum SportsNet’s Mike Trudell revealed that the Frank Vogelhead coach of the Lakers, confirmed the presence of LeBron to face the Rockets.

The Los Angeles team is in ninth place in the Western Conference, while Houston is last in the West.

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they need to win

Right now, the playoffs for the Lakers are still a possibility thanks to the play in, which they qualify from seventh to tenth of each Conference, not like before when only the first 8 seeds of each Conference accessed the postseason.

The 17-time NBA champion team, however, is only a game and a half ahead of the New Orleans Pelicanswho are tenth in the West, this being the last place to fight for a place in the playoffs through the play in, meaning that the Angelenos cannot afford to continue losing.

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The return to the arena of LeBron James is something positive for the Lakers, since he has been the most consistent player in the campaign, with averages of 29.4 points (third in the league), 8.1 rebounds, 6.2 assists, 1.5 steals, and a block per game. play.

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