National proud! Kristal Silva boasts a mermaid figure in a beautiful Mexican dress

Mexico.- The competition “I want to sing” continues in Come the joy and Silva Crystal remains a favorite to get to the top spot. This Wednesday, in the picture of the commemoration of the Mexico’s independence, delighted with a very patriotic theme.

With ‘Mexico on the skin‘, by Luis Miguel, Kristal She surprised everyone and not only that, but also with a wonderful Mexican dress with which she marked her figure and made it clear why she is the queen of the program.

A mermaid figure was the style of the host’s dress, in a vibrant Mexican pink, details of colored flowers, long and pronounced sleeves and a striking neckline, for which she received many compliments from her followers.

To style it, she wore a somewhat loaded makeup in Mexican tones and a long ponytail, in the pure style of Kim Kardashian at the MET Gala. The praise for her beautiful outfit and how beautiful she looked during her presentation were present in the comment section of the post.

National proud! Kristal Silva boasts a mermaid figure in a beautiful Mexican dress

“What a beautiful woman”, “She always looks beautiful but today she looked too good”, “Without a doubt that color is hers, it looks wonderful on her”, “I hope she wins the program, she is my favorite”, were just some of the compliments they made her .

Without a doubt, Kristal Silva was the favorite this Wednesday in Venga la Alegría’s “I want to sing”, where she competed against other stars, but stood out due to a luxurious presentation, despite not being a professional singer or anything for the style.

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His driving companions did not want to be left behind and, just like Silva Crystal, they wore the most fashionable Mexican outfits on TV Azteca, paying homage to Mexico and its Independence this September 15, prior to the Grito festivities.


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