Nath Campos gives his opinion on the bail of “Rix”, whom he put in jail for abuse against her

Mexico. The influencer Nath Campos already reacted to the news that he is also an influencer “Rix” was released on bail, after she reported him for sexual abuse happened months ago.

Through Instagram, Nath, daughter of music producer Kiko Campos, explains how her case was resolved and stresses that feels satisfied despite Rix’s bail.

“Rix” was granted conditional release after pleading guilty to sexual abuse committed against Nath and has already left the East Men’s Preventive Prison in Mexico City, where he remained since February 26.

The information was given this weekend on different news portals, and Nath writes this on Instagram:

“I know it is complicated and it is frustrating. It is a process that emotionally has taken me a long time to digest and a part of me is very happy to have a chapter close. “

“My purpose in speaking and telling my story was always to reach women who could live or be experiencing something similar, to change something in the people who see me and to remove a burden and a weight from my shoulders that for years I dragged to different areas of my life . “

Nath Fields. Instagram photo

In addition, at a press conference held last Wednesday, Nath said that the money he will receive as compensation for damages will go to associations that will help victims of gender violence by choice.

On September 8 it was announced that “Rix” would free his trial after paying a fine of 30 thousand pesos, which has nothing to do with repairing the damage that had already been issued by the judge handling the case.

The resolution came after Roberto González, “Rix”, pleaded guilty on September 11 to the crime of equal rape against Nath Campos.

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In several news portals it is also made public that Ricardo will be registered in the list of sexual offenders, in addition to abiding by other conditions, such as staying away from Nath in every respect.



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