Narnia, in Culiacán, is completely under the water of the Sanalona dam

Sinaloa.- Narnia it turned out a tourist attraction that captured the Sinaloans for the beauty of natural resources, among which trees, green grass, mountains, animals of the region and a small river stand out. This paradise is located in the community of La Cofradía, 15 minutes from the Imala receivership, in the municipality of Culiacán, and is a vaso de la presa Sanalona.

However, due to the constant rains registered in the past days, the Sanalona dam is at 90.1 percent of its conservation capacity, and because it is a valley that receives water from this dam, today Narnia is located underwater.

Called not to come

In this recreational area, municipal authorities have called on the population not to visit it, because due to the rains it represents risks for citizens, especially taking into account that even last month the attendance of entire families was frequent.


This tourist attraction for the culichis not only generated fury in its visitors, it also caused annoyance among the inhabitants of that community, since many of the tourists did not respect the rules and recommendations that the Culiacán City Council issued, especially the one not to throw away garbage, turning the place into a garbage dump for several weeks in a row, in addition to ignoring not to do excesses in off-road vehicles and not to disturb the animals that grazed there.


Precisely that beauty of the place, caused another sector of the citizenry to demand, through a petition that went viral on social networks such as Facebook, to sanction all those who carried out destruction in the green area or who disturbed the animals.

Vigilance was also required from the municipal authorities to turn this into a space of tranquility and healthy coexistence for all citizens. Today the main attraction is underwater.

To understand …

The party’s over in Narnia

The noise of the off-road engines, the music and the uproar of the visitors who for weeks flooded Narnia in the Sanalona receivership, is no longer heard today, all is quiet. Today only the water mirror can be seen, due to the increase in its level in this glass of the dam, where last month everything was still a party and, on occasions, debauchery. The municipal authority no longer has to worry about the garbage that they left thrown away in days past, today the call is not to attend.

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The Data

The benefit

Those who currently visit Sanalona and the place known as Narnia, have verified that the waters of the reservoir have covered almost the entire space, a fact that for the inhabitants of the area is positive, since it represents good expectations for Heading 3agro and livestock.

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