“My son died three months ago, my sister says I should stop talking about it”: A mother shares her grief

United States.- Losing a loved one is never an easy thing, since there are many months and even years of pain, but it is even more difficult when a child dies. This is the case of a mother whose own family tries to minimize her feelings and shared the story on Reddit.

For a mother it is an immeasurable pain when she realized that her family did not sympathize with her loss, her sister even told her she was being “dramatic” and that it made people “uncomfortable” talking about their son who died three months ago.

The distraught woman took to the Reddit site to explain anonymously that she and her husband have five children: two babies and triplets who were born just over five months ago.

Tragically, one of the triplets died when he was only two months old.

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And while it is difficult for her to talk about it, the mother has made sure to continue to include her son in the conversation because “deserves to be mentioned“.

She said: “Talking about babies is a touchy subject, unsurprisingly.”

“Very soon I began to say: We had triplets but we lost one or we have five children, but one is an angel, to avoid awkward questions“Said the mother on the online site.

“I refuse not to talk about my son. He is my son as much as the other four, and he always deserves to be mentioned.”

“When we talk to family and other things, things can get a little awkward. I try not to correct anyone when they refer to them as twins, even if it bothers me a little.”

But the woman’s family seems unaware of her attempts to sensitively navigate the situation.

The mother explained that she has been living temporarily with her parents while her husband finds a place they can rent, and things between them have recently reached boiling point.

She added: “My mom made a comment about my four children, I respected her and told her that I have five children, and she should remember that.”

“My sister then got involved, and she basically told me that she just ‘I’ll give up on my triplet dream‘Because all I do is make everyone uncomfortable when I bring it up. “

The woman was later branded “dramatic” and told that she would be “expelled” if she did not calm down.

She said: “I was pretty inconsolable, and I got into a fight after I put the kids up.”

“It wasn’t very long, maybe ten minutes, I can’t leave the children unsupervised, but in those ten minutes, I called her a cold-hearted bitch and told her that I would never understand the suffering of losing a child.”

“She called me dramatic, my parents told me that if I didn’t calm down they would be forced to kick me out, so I went upstairs.”

“That was three days ago. Everything has been ten times more uncomfortable and my sister continues to act very upset because I hurt her feelings.”

“He basically told me that my dead baby was not important and that They treat me like some kind of monster for insulting her“.

The mother also said that she has since apologized to her sister just to keep the peace at home, but other Reddit users were quick to defend her in comments.

One person wrote: “Triplet dream? Your children are triplets, it is not a dream. You literally lost a child and your family’s focus is to act as if the child never existed. I am so sorry for your loss.”

While another added: “I have three children. My oldest son passed away 10 weeks before the youngest was born.”

“When they ask me how many children I have, I say three and the oldest passed away. No one has the right to tell them how it feels to lose a child.”

“Nobody has the right to put their discomfort over yours regarding something like this. You have five children, that is never going to change for one who has passed away.”

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