Municipality of Ahome responds to popular neighborhoods with a Wellness Fair

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- The work being done by the government of the municipality of Ahome Headed by Mayor Gerardo Vargas Landeros, it is well seen by the citizens and the leaders of neighborhoods and communities, who have expressed their approval for the success and the hope of well-being that is breathed.

Rosa Isela López, leader of the Álamos 2 neighborhood, and of the Sunday market in Los Mochis, said that “this had never happened: they treated me very well, and I am very happy with this event; especially because it is immediate attention and response, and they tell you what is going to happen and how we are going to do it,” said the citizen.

“I am very happy with all this: we thank our president Gerardo Vargas Landeros.”

Mrs. María del Rosario Leyva Gil, from the Morelos ejido neighborhood, expressed herself in the same way: “It is good that the president put the officials to work like this, who have treated us very well. The response I have had from each of them is very good, and in a very short time. Everyone treated us very well. I bring good news to the community and I will ask them, as citizens, not to leave the authorities alone and ask that the authorities not leave us citizens alone: ​​we want Los Mochis and Ahome to continue being the emerald city”.

Mrs. Antonia Estrada, from Infonavit Mochicahui, assured that she had every confidence that the Government headed by Vargas Landeros, and each of its officials, will respond to them satisfactorily.

“The simple fact that the mayor has asked them to give us their full name, their service program, and their private telephone number in public, is a guarantee that they are committed to serving us,” said the leader of the aforementioned neighborhood.

“We are 100 with him, because he is also 100 with us,” he stressed.

For his part, the young leader of the Los Almacenes industrial zone, Juan Daniel Zallar Álvarez, said that in his sector they are very happy because, from the beginning, Gerardo Vargas promised to be a Mayor 24/7 and he is proving it.

“I know that it will be a good job to improve the municipality of Ahome: he is the best Mayor that Ahome deserved to have and I bring very good news to my people,” said the young community leader.

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This was expressed in an interview by the leaders and representatives of colonies and communities, after the singular Wellness Fair that the president offered them together with his entire cabinet, to attend personally to the needs of their communities, where, by instruction of the Mayor, each official explained to the community leaders the government programs they offer, their personal telephone numbers, and took note of actions that will work together for the benefit of their neighbors.

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