Motorcyclist ends up injured in crash in Ahome, Sinaloa

Los Mochis.- This Sunday night, a motorcyclist was injured in different parts of the body after suffering a shock in streets of Collective Bagojo, belonging to the municipality of Ahome, Sinaloa.

According to one of the versions obtained, the young man was traveling aboard a motorcycle when he collided with a car at the height of the ejido stadium. Neighbors of the place notified the authorities.

To the place preventive elements and of Roads were mobilized. It transpired that the latter did not locate on the site any of the alleged units participating in the accident; In addition, the people present did not want to provide information about what happened.

Another version indicates that the motorcyclist hit a stadium wall, after which he ended up with blows and abrasions.

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Paramedics from the Municipal Medical Services of Ahome (Summa), after giving him first aid, initially transferred him to the General Hospital, but from there they took him to Social Security.


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