Mothers Seekers ask for help to locate the whole family in Nogales, Sonora

Sonora.- The group Seeking Mothers of Sonora has requested help to try to locate a married couple and their three children, disappeared on the border of Nogales , in the state of Sonora .

In accordance with Ceci Patricia Flores Armenta , group leader Seeking Mothers of Sonora , the last day that the family was contacted was on September 8, since then their whereabouts have been unknown.

Ceci Patricia Flores called on citizens to provide any information that may contribute to the location, it will be appreciated and anonymously.

However, the State Attorney General of Sonora, reported that there is no formal complaint by relatives reporting the disappearance of the family of 5 members.

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The disappeared respond to the name of Juan Manuel Torres, Sarahí Tapia, José Manuel Torres, Juan Manuel Torres Tapia, Jehovahna Torres.


They go by helicopter for a woman to the Sierra de San Ignacio, Sinaloa



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