Morena voted against the judicial reform in Yucatan; They accuse Mauricio Vila of wanting to impose his relatives as Magistrates

Until now, in today’s discussion on the reform of the Judiciary presented by the Local Executive, the Parliamentary Faction of Morena maintained the infeasibility of increasing the number of magistrates without taking action to expand the coverage of the first judicial instance. Also; It was made clear that through the transitory regime, the intention is to force the magistrates to leave their commission early with the coming of the lifetime retirement credit that is offered in it, which is considered to transgress the separation of powers. The deputies Alejandra Noveló, Rubi Be Chan and Jazmín Villanueva Moo, as well as the deputy Rafael Echazarreta Torres actively participated in the session.
The proposals made were:
1. The ratification of the Congress is preserved for a second period of the magistrates or magistrates; 2. Regarding the need for both the designation and the ratification to require the vote of the qualified majority of Congress, so that the designations have a greater degree of consensus and thus the space for arbitrariness is reduced;
3. The eighth transitory will be modified, in order to safeguard labor rights, leaving the right to the pension of the magistrates and magistrates according to the regulations in force at the time of their appointment, eliminating the coercion on the magistrates to retire for the sake of obtain your lifetime retirement credit;
4. Maintain the number of magistrates and magistrates.
These proposals were unfortunately rejected.
Also, they were proposed and accepted:
5. expanding the coverage of justices of the peace;
6. the incorporation of digital justice, with full respect for judicial autonomy.
These were partially accepted.
Morena’s parliamentary faction reiterates its commitment to prompt and expeditious justice, and will continue to present initiatives that help guarantee that right.
The Presidency of the Commission proposed that the opinion be presented in this same session, which was accepted, so the delivery of the opinion proposal is awaited.

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