Morena goes for the decriminalization of abortion in the Yucatan Congress

Deputies of the 4T will work so that no woman is accused of homicide based on kinship, for deciding to interrupt the pregnancy before 12 weeks of gestation.

The deputy and coordinator of the Morena bench, Alejandra Novelo Segura, He expressed that, together with the other legislators of his party, they will work to reform the Penal Code of the state, so that no woman is accused of homicide based on kinship, for deciding to interrupt a pregnancy before 12 weeks of gestation.

At the end of the session, the legislator was emphatic in saying that the initiative will be presented in the next few days. Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), does not contravene its initiative, to remove the crime of homicide on the grounds of kinship, but rather reaffirms it.

He commented that once the modification of the code is approved, he will work on subsequent issues, for example, that abortion is free in all clinics and even implement psychological support as part of a service, “let’s go step by step, right now what We seek is that no woman is criminalized for deciding on her maternal capacity, because as we have maintained, motherhood must be desired.

argued that, although the SCJN said that judges are obliged not to criminalize women, it is necessary to reform the state’s penal code, otherwise women would have to request an amparo, to access the interruption of pregnancy, without having legal problems, since in the State it is still a crime.

La Morenista called on the Deputies to join the strengthening of laws with a human rights approach and with a gender perspective.

In the state of Yucatán there are 5 causes for which abortion is allowed, when the pregnancy is the product of rape, non-consensual artificial insemination, caused by an accident, the woman’s life is at risk, eugenic cause, or if the The mother already has more than 3 children and cannot financially support a fourth, but this does not guarantee that the health services will provide the service to whoever meets these grounds.


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