Morelia has more emergencies, not just the Barajas drain: citizens question the mayor

Morelia, Michoacán.- The workers are 24 hours a day work of the Barajas drain bridgeThey hope to finish it in 72 hoursthis after on Monday a sinkhole and if you had to shoot down. Citizens believe that Alfonso Martínez Alcázar, mayor of Morelia, should pay attention to other things and stop using this work to increase his popularity.

The El Debate team conducted a survey with the public, who were asked for their opinion regarding the work being carried out on the avenue Servant of the Nation. They were asked if with this work Is Alfonso Martínez setting the example of how public works should advance?

I think that an official should not be applauded for doing his job, Alfonso in this situation He took the opportunity to take photos and win people’s approvalbecause he spent more than 20 thousand pesos on Facebook guidelines promoting the repair of the sinkhole.

Why don’t you do the same thing with other works or situations of working in record time? Of course, for the media. In addition, it is a very large hole in a busy avenue, yes or yes, I had to attend to the problem quickly, but it is more the circus that he put together”, said the young Pedro Rojas.

A car fell into a sinkhole that opened on Siervo de la Nación avenue
Image: Universal Radio

Three other people interviewed also point out that the mayor has used the sinkhole as something mediaticbut that it is important to attend to other ‘emergencies‘ from the city.

“Well, it’s good, to give a quick solution to viral problems is always a good strategy, but it is no secret that there is a lot of unattended emergenciesr”said Miss Yunuen Huenteyo Sierra.

Sahian Guerra, a student at the Law School, has reminded the mayor that on many occasions he has been called to address situations in Morelia and that they have not been listened to.

“Although it is a busy road that needs to be repaired, many times doing things in a hurry is detrimental for not doing them correctly, as is customary. only attends when the matter is mediatic and in crowded areas.

There are many neighborhoods on the outskirts and others not so far away, where there are potholes or there aren’t even sidewalks where many times they have been invited and demanded through networks, but they don’t attend to them “, Miss War said.

In the history of Morelia there have already been other bridges that have had to be demolished, in February 2017 Vicente Santa Maria bridge collapsedthis during the previous administration by Alfonso Martinez, The works began eight months after it collapsed and it was inaugurated on September 2, 2018, after a year and seven months.

“While it is an example of going fast, it is also an example of wants to rise in popularityit seems to me that it is being done with a son of bragging unlike the other works that currently exist”Norma Avalos pointed out.

She was the one who remembered the incident in 2017, since she had to go there every day to take her son to school, and questions what is the difference between attend to a job immediately and another that takes 19 months.

“Something similar happened with the Vicente Santa María bridge, this bridge collapsed, however, the work on that piece was too slow, I remember it perfectly, it took too longputting at risk the transit of the little ones who went to the school near the area”said the young mom.

He explained that on that occasion, the parents and in general all the citizens who live in the surroundings had to cross other pedestrian bridges where there were no traffic lights.

He also says that he would like to know “If the same attention is to be given to baches and imperfect that exist in other roads that also correspond to the municipality “

The problem of potholes is one of the deepest in the city, Morelians are constantly pointing out that attention to this issue is important on the roads of the capital of Michoacán.

Another of the men interviewed only pointed out that it is “It is important that you hurry to finish the work and let him go potholethat he take a walk there by Ciudad Industrial so that he can see how he is”said Mr. Antonio Sánchez.

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In the interviews carried out by the media, it was possible to detect that the people of Morelia think that the works that are being carried out in the road distributors of Salida Salamanca and Salida Mil Cumbres are also the responsibility of the mayor.

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