More than 3,000 Security elements will protect the Cry of Independence in Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- Authorities of the three orders of government they will take care of protect the 18 municipalities on the occasion of the night of September 15 where the Cry of Independence, and, although there will be no massive official events, the deployment of more than 3,000 elements of the different corporations in Sinaloa is expected.

The Undersecretary of Public Security, Prevention and Social Reintegration, Carlos Alberto Hernández Leyva, announced that, on the occasion of these dates so relevant for all Mexicans, meetings have already been held with the public security directorates of the 18 municipalities in order to to establish the provisions of the operation.

Regarding the night of September 15, where an official ceremony will be held by the Governor of the State, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, the installation of a command center is planned in the government palace where the situation of each of the municipalities will be constantly updated in coordination with C4i.

In addition to this, three security circles will be implemented in the enclosure in order to maintain control over the entrances to the Government Palace with an inner circle, an outer circle and a third circle with reaction units. Likewise, they are going to install security fences, aid stations and will be used canine binomials to prevent the entry of illegal objects and thereby guarantee the safety of each of those present.

He explained that there will be more than 3,500 elements of the Secretariat of National Defense, National Guard, State Preventive Police, Municipal Police, Traffic, Civil Protection, Firefighters and the Red Cross who will participate in this security device.

Hernández Leyva announced that the civic-military parade that traditionally takes place on September 16 will not take place given the circumstances in relation to Covid-19.

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Citizens are invited to maintain the provisions of the health authorities in order to avoid contagion of Covid-19 and it is reiterated that the 9-1-1 Emergency Line will be available as normal to attend to their reports.

AMLO supports and protects Quirino Ordaz


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