More cops! Alfonso Durazo will create the State Guard and double the staff

Sonora.- A strong commitment to security has been made known Alfonso Durazo, Governor of Sonora, a few hours after taking office, these are two ambitious initiatives, the first create the State Guard and the second, to double the number of elements.

In other words, the governor of Sonora Alfonso Durazo will carry out a conversion of the State Police, so that it is now called the State Guard, which has a clear political tinge, since it is practically the same thing that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador did when creating the National Guard.

Along with this initiative, Alfonso Durazo promised to double the number of elements that make up the still Sonora State Police, which has a thousand elements, and according to those exposed by the governor, in 2022 it will already have two thousand elements.

These state guards will seek to carry out security tasks in the 72 municipalities that make up the border of Sonora, a federal entity that in the last year has been aggravated by the shocking violence caused by drug cartels that seek to have control of the territory.

Sonora is a state located in the northwest of Mexico, with a population of just over 2.9 million people.

Moreno Durazo Montaño affirmed that with this new corporation, which will be presented to the Mayors on September 17, he intends to replace the State Public Security Police, which now only has a thousand elements.

“We will create the State Security Guard from the reconversion of the State Police of Public Security and we will support it budgetary to duplicate the first year of my Government its current state of force, we will go from one thousand to two thousand elements in the first year, and by 2027, we will have four one thousand troops in the State Guard, “the governor of Sonora said in his first message.

“People will wonder: how are we going to do it, if the State is bankrupt. Well, we are going to do what we did to build the National Guard, tighten the government belt, avoid unnecessary spending and allocate all the savings to the issue of security, and in this way we are going to meet this objective, which in the first year will cost around 800 million pesos, “said Alfonso Durazo.

In front of Luis Rodríguez Bucio, commander of the National Guard, the Sonoran president acknowledged that the entity is immersed in a wave of violence, despite the permanent presence of 3,000 federal elements.

“The National Guard, two and a half years after its creation, already has around 3 thousand elements permanently deployed. On the other hand, the State Police went from 900 elements in 2015, to one thousand elements in 2021, that allows us this comparison , allows us to assess the extraordinary dimension of the federal effort in the State, which was not reciprocated by the State Government, “said the Sonoran governor.

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On the security issue, he added that a State Financial Intelligence Unit, a State Intelligence Center and regional police academy campuses in Cajeme and Caborca ​​will also be created, as well as supporting the construction of Army, Navy and National Guard facilities in Caborca, Puerto Peñasco, Bacadéhuachi and Yécora.

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