MLB: Paul Goldschmidt named National League Player of the Week

Consistency has been a part of the entire season for Paul Goldschmidtfirst baseman of the Saint Louis Cardinalswho was elected National League Player of the Week after his excellent numbers in the MLB.

The 34-year-old veteran is in the prime of his life, claiming the fourth such award in his career, the last, having come in 2019.

During each of the 7 games last week, Goldschmidt hit hard, finishing with a .467/.515/.967 stat line with 7 extra-base hits (three doubles and 4 home runs) and 11 RBIs.

MVP candidate

His numbers are undoubtedly giving people something to talk about, being the second best batting percentage in all of the Major Leagues, with .339, only behind the .361 of Luis Arraez of the Minnesota Twins.

Paul Goldschmidt needed only 2 days to hit his 4 home runs of the week, one last Monday in the victory against the San Diego Padres, and hitting the fence 3 times during Tuesday’s doubleheader.

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In total, Goldschmidt has 16 homers, 58 RBIs, which are the third most in the entire Major League, with 86 hits connected, the second best number of the year in the entire MLB, and with the third best OPS in the Major Leagues. with 1,031, behind only José Ramírez of the Cleveland Guardians with 1,039 and Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels with 1,038.

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