Miracle? Alleged appearance of the Virgin of Guadalupe on a bread tray in Edomex goes viral

Nezahualcóyotl.- Since the beginning of the pandemic, Mexico and the world have experienced discouraging moments that can only be lightened by news such as the following: a woman assures that the Virgin of Guadalupe appeared on a tray of bread.

Adelina Seseña is the one who found the so-called Virgen Morena on the tray of an industrial oven; her initial reaction was to put the object away in hers each located in Nezahualcoyotl, State of Mexico.

At first, she kept the alleged apparition for herself and her relatives, however, as time passed, she considered that the best thing in such situations is to share the finding with other believers who can take advantage of it as a spark of hope in difficult times.

Mrs. Adelina explained that it was 12 days that jealously kept the tray with the image of the Virgin of Guadalupeafter that period he understood that the best thing was to share it with his neighbors no matter what they say.

It was thus that they decided to open the doors of their house to the faithful who come to observe, leave candles or even ask favors to the Virgin Morena found on a makeshift altar next to some flowers.

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The news was released in a video by TV Aztecawhere it was clarified that dozens of people have gone to the house in Neza, EDOMEX, to witness the alleged appearance of the Virgin of Guadalupe, of course, following the recommended measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

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