Michelle Ruvalcaba would be “haunted” and two celebrities would be involved in “work”

Mexico. Journalist Michael Ruvalcaba, originally from Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, and who worked for several years in the program First hand, It would “haunted”, he shares it himself.

In an interview with the program Spectacular Formula, Ruvalcaba shares that after spending several days feeling bad He went to the doctor, but could not explain the cause of his poor health.

“I felt bad, my leg hurt, I went to the doctor, they found nothing, then I went to a shepherd and a clairvoyant; they laid an egg on me and they told me that two women gave me a bad time.”

Ruvalcaba makes it clear that don’t believe in those things of witchcraft, but people let her know that there is even a third involved in her alleged “witchcraft” case.

“They also told me that a man I worked with is paying someone for a job, I just left it like that, they told me that this person paid and they described to me a blonde woman who was involved in hurting me.”

Michelle said that she allegedly realized it because “very ugly things” began to happen to her and he felt “physically pretty bad”, and they have also let him know that those people who think it is wrong would have a black altar with black candles.

In this regard, Internet users have expressed their opinions and let the entertainment journalist know that the people who are doing him wrong would be Gustavo Adolfo Infante and Karla Panini, She is a former partner of the deceased Karla Luna, both former members of Las Lavanderas.

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This information remains in the quality of speculation, since none of the people involved has expressed an opinion on the matter and Michelle Ruvalcaba did not say their names.

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