Mexican Women’s U-20 team finished last practice before flying to the Netherlands

Mexico City.- The U-20 selected from Mexico concluded their concentration in the facilities of the High Performance Center (CAR) before packing your bags to travel to the Netherlands, heading to the city of Oldenzaal, where they will hold a double day in front of the group of the Mechanical Orange.

The national coach, Maribel DominguezHe announced his call four days ago to start a brief session in CDMX, before boarding the plane that would travel to the old continent. This Tuesday, September 14, the last training was held, only the video sessions and personal growth will be needed, which will be held at night.

The various footballers who comprise Maribel Domínguez’s call are active in teams in the United States, within the League of the Netherlands and, of course, in the Liga MX Women, where it is planned to demonstrate the character and high talent that has grown over four years.

Maribel Domínguez will have 20 Mexican women, capable of facing the U-20 division of the “Oranges” twice. The objective of the strategist is to have positive results that grant greater confidence and maximum work towards the world premier.

Talk between Maribel Domínguez and her players
Twitter National Team of Mexico Women

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“All Mexican players have the ability to play in Europe and they would surely put the name of Mexico on high. If we keep the main objective we can put the country where we want. Expectations are high, we will have the preparation match, but we will take it with the utmost seriousness, “he mentioned at a press conference.

“I like to go to win and propose. We know that he will be a great rival. We must play you for you and measure ourselves with these teams. I am confident that we can do great things. The main objective is to go and win,” added the strategist of the Mexican Women’s National Team, U-20 category.

Mexican National Team Sub-20 in the CAR
Twitter National Team of Mexico Women

Mexico will face the Netherlands on September 18 and 21 of this year. In the last hours he will undertake the trip to the city of Oldenzaal to recognize the field where the hostilities of this short international tour of the young soccer players of our country will take place.


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