Mexican designer Jonathan Morales is part of BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s solo debut

The Solo debut of Thai singer and rapper Lalisa Manoban, better known as Lisa (one of the members of the sensational girl group BLACKPINK), has been more than extraordinary and something that made it even more special was that the Mexican designer Jonathan Morales, created one of the outfits that the Idol wore in the MV. The Mexican BLINK He “exploded” in great jubilation.

On your Instagram profile Jonathan Morales expressed his feelings upon seeing that Lalisa wore one of his designs in the MV that marked her long-awaited solo debut. “This goes first for each person who approached me trusting and believing, to my team, my work family, this is from us, for me, for overcoming every fear, every voice that told me that it was not enough, that it never went to fulfill my dreams, this for me is beyond “.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa looked stunning in Jonathan Morales’ design.

The Mexican designer who is part of NO NAME (Mexican streetwear brand, timeless and genderless inspired by pop culture), said he did not know that the member of BLACKPINK, would use his creation “in something so important”

I am full of love, thank you, it also goes to all those who left me on the road, who did not believe, who told me ‘relax, you are never crazy, it will happen’, you also gave me the strength not to stop ❤️.

The outfit that Lisa wore for the MV of her debut solo song “LALISA”, is a archival piece from the Redo collection by NO NAME. According to information on the web portal of this Mexican brand, due to the nature of the manufacture of products in this collection, all the pieces are unique and therefore, present variations in the pattern, making each piece unrepeatable.

Once again Lisa demonstrates why she is a fashion icon and now, wearing a Mexican design in all its splendor Jonathan Morales.

Among the prints on Lalisa’s outfit, we can see Gene Simmons, lead singer of the American band KISS.

On September 9 (a date highly anticipated by BLINK), Lisa released her first single solo album “LALISA” (title in honor of her birth name Lalisa Manoban). “I still feel nervous and still can’t believe it,” the Thai professional dancer and model said during a press conference.

The title track from their single album, “LALISA“is a catchy hip hop track with a bold metal riff and dynamic beat; it was composed by 24, Bekuh BOOM and Teddy (the latter two were also in charge of the lyrics). The 24-year-old singer and Originally from Buri Ram Province, Thailand, she expressed that through her album, she wanted to show her coolest side: “I wanted to show myself, Lalisa, exactly how I am, that’s why I ended up using this title.”

His first solo album also includes the B-Side “Money”, a hip hop song everyone can enjoy, “as soon as I heard it, I really wanted to be the one to sing it.”

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