Members of the Research and Graduate Council of the UAS protest

Sinaloa.- The Rector of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa (UAS), Dr. Jesús Madueña Molina, protested the members of the Research and Graduate Council, who will be responsible for maintaining and improving the institution’s quality indicators.

The university leader emphasized that the support of applied research will be given greater impetus and the Research Project Promotion and Support Program (PROFAPI), which for economic reasons was no longer financed, this to accompany researchers in their work and to be able to manage external resources.

“I am very grateful to the colleagues who make up the Council because they will be a fundamental part of the work of accompanying the Directorate of Research and Postgraduate Studies and the Academic Secretary. It is important to reorient policies to support research, ”said Madueña Molina.

The Rector explained that this Council will be in charge of retaking, relaunching and dusting off the institutional policies in this area of ​​Research and Postgraduate Studies, which were embodied in the Buelna Plan since 2005 in the administration of the then Rector Héctor Melesio Cuén Ojeda, to promote development of the indicators that have to do with academic bodies and the application of knowledge.

“We have to generate applied research that solves environmental problems and that can be done in all areas and schools. We are the most important institution in the northwest of the country, but in recent years I have seen little participation from researchers on issues regional, there are problems in tomatoes, shrimp, the pandemic, but there is no opinion of university students, our researchers have to come out to give their opinion, it is the thinking part of Sinaloa, it is the part where the academic capacity is, ”he emphasized .

He reiterated that PROFAPI will operate again, but the lines of research that will be supported will be reoriented and will be those that solve problems in the environment.

“Our university has to shine because we have human resources with that capacity, what has been needed is support, and they will have it; We are applying a policy of austerity alienated from what the President of the Republic has proclaimed, that is, we are going to support everything that is pertinent, we are going to see where to get resources to support academia, research, culture, sport, for that there will be no restriction, for which there will be restrictions is for situations that are not a priority in the substantive functions of the University ”, he clarified.

The Rector added that the Research and Postgraduate Council will be responsible for launching the Call for PROFAPI and supervising its development, also recalled what he expressed in his protest as Rector:

“I sent a message to the researchers that they will not be alone, they will have the support of the institution, the accompaniment of the central administration so that you can have the conditions to generate and develop what you know how to do, which is research. . All this is going to impact on many indicators ”, he pointed out.

For his part, the Director of Research and Graduate Studies, Dr. Mario Nieves Soto, agreed that in 2005 a watershed in institutional development was opened with the creation of the Research and Graduate Council that allowed progress in academic competitiveness and growth that since then Time has positioned the University as one of the best in the northwest of the country in terms of the number of university students in the National System of Researchers (SNI), of PRODEP profiles, among other indicators.

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The Research and Postgraduate Council is made up of the Rector, Dr. Jesús Madueña Molina; the Secretary General, Dr. Gerardo Alapizco Castro; the Academic Secretary, Dr. Jorge Milán Carrillo and the Director of Research and Postgraduate Studies, Dr. Mario Nieves Soto, as well as Doctors Mayra Lizzete Vidales Quintero, Manuel Trejo Soto, Jesús Roberto Millán Almaraz, Nidia Maribel León Sicairos, Luiz Vicente Ovalles Toledo , Eduardo Frías Sarmiento, Edith Oliva Cuevas Rodríguez, Carlos Alfonso López Orona, Rody Abraham Soto Rojo, Diana Judith López Peraza, Hermelinda Mexia Angulo and the Master of Science Lizbeth Soledad Orduño Sánchez.

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