Meet Daniela Baeza, the most sensual fan of Bravos del FC Juárez

One of the personalities of the small screen that has caused a furor in the social networks is Daniela Baeza, the beautiful news anchor who in Juarez City It is considered the one with the highest rating for its talent on the air and for its unparalleled beauty.

Born in 1991 in that border city of Chihuahua, Daniela Baeza delights with his sympathy and his beauty. He has been part of broadcasts such as the newscast “Good morning Juarez”, where he reports on the latest developments.

With a degree in Interior Design, the beautiful communicator of Televisa has little more than 124 thousand followers in his official profile Instagramwhere her ‘followers’ delight in her attractive photos in which she appears in bathing suits, in casual clothes or at different times in her life.

An incomparable beauty Instagram danielabaezatv

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Of course, Daniela Baeza is passionate about football and declared the number 1 fan of the Bravos del FC Juarezteam that finished last in the Closure 2022 from League MXbut she trusts that they will improve in the Opening 2022.

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