Mazatlán is not that burning, it is calm: SSPyTM

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The secretary of Municipal Public Safety, Juan Ramón Álfaro Gaxiola, commented on Monday morning that the port is quiet, despite the latest violent events that occurred last week in the Leopoldo Sánchez Célis neighborhood, where in a confrontation between two groups of armed civilians on Veracruz street Four people died burned inside a vehicle.

“After the events that occurred there is no need to ask for reinforcements, since Mazatlan is not burning As they say, Mazatlán is calm, we continue patrolling, we continue to reinforce the area, it is not necessary to request reinforcements from other corporations, ”said Álfaro Gaxiola.

Regarding the presence of approximately 30 elements and the mobilization of approximately eight patrols and two motorcyclist elements to arrest a person on Avenida Revolución between the Adolfo López Mateos neighborhoods, it was reported that the reports are being attended and that they have to go and that you can not go alone that is why several elements go to support.

“We are going to the reports, we cannot go alone, several units from the area have to go to see, we have to guard, we have to reinforce ourselves, we have to go to see that everything is fine but the reports have been false,” he said. to know the holder of the security in the port.

With respect to residents who have been organizing in various neighborhoods of the city in citizen committees in various areas of the city, due to the lack of surveillance by the elements of the city. Department of Public Security and the increase in robberies both from passers-by and from homes, Álfaro Gaxiola referred to the fact that there have been no reports of said events despite the testimonies of the inhabitants of the areas affected by these events.

“Until now we do not have a report, if reports come out we are going, we have detained people, until now no reports have come out either in shops or at home and those who have left we have detained, during this weekend we woke up with zero reports” , mentioned the secretary of Public security.

Likewise, Juan Ramón Álfaro Gaxiola, secretary of Public security He referred to that it is like any colony of Mazatlan and that it has to be watched like any neighborhood in the city and rural areas.

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In the same way, about the number of active elements that the company currently has Department of Public Security And if there is a shortage of personnel, Álfaro Gaxiola commented that they currently have enough and that soon around 102 cadets will be discharged into the ranks of said corporation.

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